Sportsbook Strategies Presents: Sports Betting History in a Nutshell

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History of Sports Betting

Sports betting is a very popular pastime and has a long history. Cockfights are credited for being the predecessor of the hobby, and modern sports betting includes baseball, basketball, horse racing, and any other sportsbook that comes to mind. During the XIX and the XX century, the most popular type was horse race betting. Back in the day, it was reserved for rich and influential people, but thanks to the development of the IT sector, it is nowadays accessible to everyone.

As for the States, baseball betting was the first sports betting type to hit the limelight. In fact, in 1974, Feds passed the law eliminating the 10% betting tax, which gave wings to land-based casinos.

The next step was the internet. Launching online sportsbooks was the next natural step, and it was a boom. For starters, betting from the comfort of your own home is a huge benefit. Indeed, nowadays it is nearly impossible to not find a sports betting lover who has never tried betting in online sportsbooks, and the best news is: online gambling is beneficial for both the bettor and the sportsbook operator. In addition, many major banks (including PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, and many others) have made their services available to online sportsbook lovers.

Bet Types

Many bet types are available in online sportsbooks nowadays, and the most popular ones include:

1. Straight bets – betting against the spread, with two variants: fixed-odds and parimutuel betting.
2. Parlays – multiple bets.
3. Proposition bets – betting on an outcome.
4. Future wagers – betting on sports events prior to them taking place (weeks and months in advance).
5. Second half bets – betting during the halftime, with two variants: spread betting and over/under betting.
6. Teasers – a combination of more bets.
7. In-play betting

These are, of course, but the most popular sportsbook bet types. For info on additional ones, please refer to our knowledgebase. Additionally, beginner online sportsbook bettors are advised to start with straight bets, and let it be known also that expert bettors rely on them for the most part. Parlays are, without a doubt, the most lucrative bet type, but are adequately difficult to predict. Namely, in order to win a parlay bet, the bettor must get all the results right.

Relying on parlays is not a good sportsbook strategy, as they are tricky and expensive to boot. Expert bettors claim that straight bets are the foundation of their wealth, and that they rely on parlays only when absolutely confident in all the outcomes. That, as it were, is quite a task when gambling.

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