Sportsbook Strategies: Betting Types

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Sportsbook Strategies

Here at Sportsbook Strategies, we make sure you’ll find all the info you need to start winning big. The prerequisite is to fully understand the betting types. We will hereby consider some of the most common ones, and set you on your way of El Dorado.

Before choosing the right sportsbook strategies betting type, make sure to opt out favoritism. In plain English: don’t bet on your favorite team at all costs! Remember to get a grasp of the situation, be realistic, and keep informed about the latest developments in the field. Once you’re sure your head is clear, read about the sportsbooks betting types below.

Betting types

The most common wager types include:

1. Single (straight) sportsbook strategies, also known as the “side”: betting on a single winner.

2. Totals sportsbook strategies: betting whether the total points will be higher or lower than the designated total.

3. Point Spread sportsbook strategies: betting on one out of two selections.

4. Parlays sportsbook strategies: betting on multiple events. All teams must win for the sportsbook bettor to win big. Should just one team lose a match, the bettor loses the bet. This wager type may win you lots of money, but is very risky for beginners.

5. The Moneyline sportsbook strategies: betting on a single winner.

6. Total Bet sportsbook strategies: betting on the total points of one team.

7. Over/ Under sportsbook strategies: betting whether the total points will be over or under the total set by the oddsmaker.

8. Futures sportsbook strategies: betting on the championship winner. The prerequisite is that there are over two teams participating.

9. Teaser sportsbook strategies: betting on multiple events, where the bettor is given the option to add or take off points from the spread bets (one or more).

10. Buying Half a Point: a type of wager where the bettor may increase the point spread half a point up. 11. Buy Points: a wager where the bettor my move the point spread up, by paying additional price.

Simple tips for beginners

Please keep in mind that these are only some of the wager types available. Beginners are strongly advised to hone their skills by betting on safer wagers first, most notably on single bet and futures. Over the course of time, and with respect to betting tips mentioned elsewhere on this website, the bettor may attempt more difficult strategies and wagers. Parlays are the wager that brings the biggest amounts in, but are, as expected, the hardest one to guess.

Whatever your choice, be patient and keep to these four simple tips:

1. make knowledgeable analyses

2. familiarize yourself with the bet types

3. stay informed about the sport and the players

4. limit the selection to your advantage

Recommended online sportsbooks

As you can see, sportsbooks betting types are not as complicated as they might have seemed at first. Make a knowledgeable guess and try your luck by signing up at the trusted sportsbooks we recommend. Single bet and futures are sure to set you on the right track, and off you go on your way to gaining wealth.